Sales & Recruitment CRM

From “Prospect” to “Won,” Exelare’s CRM software for recruitment companies helps sales teams track every stage of the client life-cycle, including Notes, Activities, Tasks, & Emails. Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, & Android devices ensure you have access to your data any time—or anywhere—you need it.

Centralize Communications

Say goodbye to lost emails, outdated spreadsheets, and unnecessary status meetings. Our job board management software centralizes everything so your team is always on the same page about the who’s, what’s and when’s.

Email & Calendar Integration

Whether you prefer Outlook or Gmail, or anything in between, Exelare recruitment management system works with your preferred platforms to make managing your digital life all that much easier.

Jobs Management

Once you win the business, use Exelare to keep track of open jobs, and activities related to the recruiting process. Quickly see who on the recruiting team has been interacting with your clients so you are never left in the dark.

Account Management

Roll up all of your contact data into Company Accounts so you can see activities across an entire organization, including any parent or subsidiary companies. Use Company Accounts to track prospecting lists & KPI’s at a higher level.

Parse Contact & Company Data

Why enter contact data manually when you don’t have to? Exelare sales and recruiting software parses contact and company record data from anywhere you can find it, including email, websites, social media, and more.

Deal Status Tracking

Tag contacts by status so you know who is a Suspect, Prospect, Qualified, Won, or Lost. Set up your own statuses to follow your team’s own unique selling process. Use reports to gain key insights as to where your team can improve.

Mobile Access

Set yourself and your data free from the desk! Powerful native apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android mean you can use Exelare to close deals and coordinate with internal teams no matter where you happen to be.

Advanced Outlook Integration

Beyond simply tracking your emails, our advanced Outlook integration supports a huge array of additional features meant to automate and streamline the work you do between Outlook & Exelare.

Mass Emailing / Mail Merge

The most flexible email marketing solution in the market. Period. Other recruitment CRM systems can’t offer the ease of use, options, deliver-ability, volume, and analytics that Exelare gives you.

SMS / Text Messaging

Prospects hard to reach these days? No problem—studies say people reply to text messages 10-100x more often than emails! That’s why Exelare makes it just as easy to send text messages as it is to send emails.

Social Media Integration

Track social media profiles for contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Missing a prospect’s profile? Just click one button and we will help you find it quickly by searching for the profile for you.

Research & Prospect List Management

Create and maintain an unlimited number of Saved Lists. Track candidates for any purpose imaginable so you can build out your prospect & lead pipelines over days, weeks, months, or years.

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