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The response to these articles on Twitter was mixed, with one economist tweeting, “Every time you hear someone say ‘I can’t find the workers I need,’ add the phrase at the wage I want to pay.’” At the same time, many recruiters simply retweeted the stories for conversational fodder without committing to an affirmative or negative stance.”


We couldn’t let it go. We reached out to people in a casual Twitter poll, and 60 percent of respondents named ‘skills shortage’ as their top sourcing challenge. Granted, our sample size was certainly not large enough to make a claim, either way, but it did make us take a closer look at the American Economics Association study, and — as you may have guessed — there’s more to the skills gap than ‘true or false.

It seems that when the US Chamber of Commerce and then-President Obama talk about the ‘skills gap’, they’re referring to the digital transformation making many laborers obsolete, but when the American Economics Association talks about the ‘skills gap’, they’re talking about the degree and skill inflation within job ads.

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